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Why the New Global Communist Party was created.

Upon study of the present construct of the Global Economy it was discovered that there are at present, no Communist country's in the World and furthermore that there have never been any. Those Nations that presently identify themselves as Communist are in actuality just a form of Socially-engineered Capitalism (Socialist Capitalism) - Their economies all rely upon Capital.

True Communism has no Capital. Only Labour has value, nothing else has value

The time for New Global Communism is now. It would not have been possible to introduce New Global Communism in the past due to the fact that the socio-economic conditions of the Globe are only now so dire and the technology so advanced to transform the economy to an Actual Labour Value based economy without any form of Capital. There is no longer any reason for country's to exist or for Central Banks and the valueless currency they constantly produce to exist.

Purchase a copy of the book entitled New Global Communist Manifesto: The Construct of Human Civilization Level One or click on the Book page to read it yourself.

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The currency used in the past was a thing of value unto itself. Gold, Silver coins, gems and even rare spices and goods, as well as the barter system. Eventually the Central Banks (privately owned corporations) were able to secure holdings of wealth that were represented by notes for easy transport - they had a redemption value -. Today the vast amount of currency in circulation is greater than the total sum of all goods that presently exist in the Globe. This is because the currency produced by the Central Banks today is no longer based upon any actual value. The currency is valueless and yet the population of the Globe continues to behave as if it still had value. Currency is a form of commodity that works -is based upon some form of valuable holding to support the issue of it- only on a small scale. It has proven a failure on the Global Scale.
Only Labour has value. Anything else is currency slavery

No Human requires currency for food, shelter, education, health, construction etc. This is a flawed construct. All that is required is Human labour.

Universal Labour Value

The New Global Communist Party will terminate all currency and Central Banks. The New Global Economy will be based on Actual Labour Value.

The formulae for Actual Labour Value is as follows:

Basic Labour Value BLV
Experience E
Risk R
Skill Level SK
Educational requirement ER
Stress Level SL
Actual Labour Value ALV

Hence to calculate BLV+E+R+SK+ER+SL= ALV

Under the New Global Communist Party all countries will cease to exist.
There will be a free dwelling unit for each Human on the Planet.
All education and healthcare will be provided to all citizens of the Globe.
All forms of mass public transit will be free.
Labour Value Credits will be used to obtain luxury goods/services.
All Labour Value credits will be granted by the State.
Universal Labour will be only an electronic debit/credit system.
There will no longer be any physical form of currency or credit notes etc.
This will be the end of all personal wealth
The end of currency will be the end of all taxation.

Edicts of the New Global Communist Party

- There is only one Planet. New Global Communists will not recognize the existence of any Country. The United Nations does not exist. Recognize only the New Global Communist State and loyalty only to this State.
- There will be no private ownership of property permitted (Land belongs to the people of the Planet and is held in trust by the New Global Communist State).
- There will be no private ownership of vehicles permitted (exception made for objects of Art)
- All resources on the Planet will belong to the population of the Planet and held by the New Global Communist State.
- The Nuclear Family unit will cease to exist. All babies will be born in Birthing Centres and raised in Communal Family Units. No private rearing of children will be permitted on the Planet. The State will be the eternal Mother & Father to all citizens of the Globe.
-The new Values will not be profit but productivity and quality.
“I have traveled and spoke with individuals that must work 9 hours per day, 6 days per week in order to earn $2.50 –that’s for the entire weeks work- of this they send what they can to their families in the local villages. Then we have others on this Planet that managed to amass such an obscene amount of personal wealth that their interest payments alone earn them $85,000.00 per day and that is them doing nothing. When we have such disparity existing on a Planet, we know that it is a serious problem that must be solved and solved immediately. Currency by its obscene disparity has lost its right to exist as a viable economic driver. Only Human Labour is a viable driver."
Octaevius Altair
Permanent Chief State Advisor

What Is Universal Law?
"All intelligent beings are entitled to shelter, potable water, healthy food, all forms of education and all expressions of healthcare. The free will of the individual will take precedent above all things provided that they do no harm to individuals or their environment."
The New Global Communist Party and Religion

The traditional views of religion as espoused by Soviet Communism (Bolshevism) has been atheist - although the majority of Bolsheviks are Jewish -. The official religion of the New Global Communist Party is the Unorganized Path of Light.

Letter to the Citizens of the Globe from the New Global Communist Party

When we speak of life upon this planet we must cease to regard it as a place of different countries and instead think in terms of a street in our neighbourhood. Each country is a house and those caregivers in that household are those government/officials responsible for the care of the citizens (to be regarded as the children within that house). Ask yourselves this question, “Is it possible to be content within your yard of plenty while one neighbour starves as yet another beats their children?” This answer is no. It is the time for the population on this street to be in union with the children and concentrate on eliminating this idea of separateness. No longer is it permitted to pretend that we are not all responsible for each other and to stand by and do nothing while these houses create such despair to their residents for this is an act of omission and just as dreadful as an act of commission.

Eventually the perceptions of happiness will alter as individuals discover that it is never wealth and power that bring true happiness as these are illusions of the virus of Greed. You cannot eliminate poverty without also eliminating wealth. Wherever you look you will find true happiness in those who have discovered that it is always found in the ability to give and receive love freely. Soon the "New Global Communist Party" will manifest itself in the World and begin the process of educating the residents on our street and in each house. To begin this education is important and so this is to offer encouragement to all who read this letter to copy and replicate and to distribute for free this manifesto of the New Global Communist Party.

Letter To All Royalty From The New Global Communist Party

Ever notice how as far back as the memory of the Collective goes there have been these curious anomalies that are referred to as “Royalty”? These individuals Lorded over all lands and claimed ownership of the people and have existed throughout our collective history and over the Globe. In actuality there is no ownership, as this Planet has never belonged to any single species, entity or government. It is not possible to purchase or to sell land or resources and therefore these individuals who fancy themselves as “Royalty” will be set free from their delusions when the New Global Communist Party is made manifest. In order to bring about Human Civilization Level One it will no longer be possible to permit Human beings to indulge in these fantasies of ownership and all will come to the realization that the only Race is the Human Race and the only Family is the Human Family. Those who still regard themselves as “Royalty” will be provided with a single Dwelling Unit and be expected to participate in the New Global Culture of “service to others” in order to obtain the Human Labour Value Credits that will be required for all manner of luxuries. There is still some time before the New Global Communist Party manifests and begins to establish order from chaos and Human Civilization Level One from Level Zero. All changes that will be introduced Globally will be introduced in a timely, fair and compassionate manner, yet introduced they shall be.
Octaevius Altair
Permanent Chief State Advisor N.G.C.P.
Grandmaster Of The Globe U.P.O.L.

Letter to the Impoverished on the Planet Earth

Let us today speak to the impoverished masses of the Planet Earth. Your numbers now far exceed those who would place themselves above you and regard themselves as "Middle Class or Wealthy". This is good news. Soon the New Global Communist Party will manifest itself in this world and it will be from the awoken impoverished masses on this Planet. You will create a Global Community of Love and respect by showing yourselves and gathering together in each and every city on this Planet. No more shall you impoverished hide yourselves away in alleys, under bridges, sewers and shelters. No more shall you respect these internment camps referred to as "countries" that have programmed you, distracted you and enslaved you. You will gather together and claim land to create your own shelters and communities of love in every city on this planet. The New Global Communist Party will politicise you and serve as your sword, shield and staff; in return you will serve as it's hands, mouth, feet and body. You are already the greatest army in the entire history of the world. The time for sleep is ended. Together we shall destroy all that has been built and not one thing will be permitted to remain in the New World we shall together create. Banks, Insurance companies, Laws and all manner of privatization and currencies will be swept away and it will not be rebuilt. The only laws will be those Universal Planetary Laws that will be introduced by the New Global Communist Party. It will not take long ye impoverished masses before you witness this manifestation. Each city will become our own bulwark and we shall introduce an entirely new way of living, different from any that has existed in the entire history of this Planet. For all those who will select to oppose us... "It would have been better had you not been born at this time."

Letter From The Unorganized Path Of Light To The Human Collective Of Earth

Greetings Brothers and Sisters
We are the Unorganized Path of Light (U.P.O.L.), a sect of every religion of the Human Collective Earth that resonates towards the Light. We are a sect of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Daoism, Shintoism, Zoroastrianism and every organized religion that is of perfect thought-form. It is time now for the Human Collective of the Planet Earth to unite in their Love of our Creator and our own Godhood as Children of the Light. We are all one family on this Planet (Our Human Family) which is a small part of a larger family throughout the multi-verse (Our Galactic Family). It is now time for us to gather together and shed the petty differences that have been invented and imposed upon us by Us. The Unorganized Path of Light is here. We encourage all to now unite in the New Global Religion, not just of our Human Collective of Earth, but of the entire Multi-verse that is of the Light.
How To Treat The Currency Slavers

To the Citizens of the Globe from the New Global Communist Party
” Expel all of the Currency Slavers from your towns and cities. Load them up as pack mules with all of their worthless currency – including coinage – and drive them before ye as cattle. Permit them no respite and do not allow them to leave even a single penny in their wake. Know that as they take their currency away they also are carrying away all of your “debt” along with all of their lies. Do not share their burden, be it as great as all the weight upon the Earth. Be as compassionate towards them as you would be towards a bedbug in a dwelling. They are loathsome, contemptible bloodsuckers!”

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Prison Planet Earth

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